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Make $$: Sell Your Cell Phone with Ebay

I've had my phone for a few years now and I am definitely ready for an upgrade! With how much I use my phone, from texting to photos to blogging, I need an upgrade for sure. 

A few years ago, we took an amazing trip to Key West. Here's a photo of my son enjoying the day in Key West. My phone was essential for capturing all the fun we had. I loved that I was able to share all my photos on Facebook and social media, without the hassle of having to upload to a photo sharing site.

Sometimes I think in old school ways, like back in the days of film developing! During college I wanted to be a photographer, with my old school camera. This is circa 1998. How times have changed! I now exclusively use my phone for all my photos.

So as you can see, I need a reliable phone. Ebay to the rescue! It was very easy to sell my phone by clicking this link and following the very user friendly interface to sell my old phone in minutes! First, you click on the icon that matches the brand your phone is, then the model and finally it’s condition. From there they fill out all of the fields and give you an estimate for what your phone could go for.

Super simple! Here is also a video on how to sell your phone:

You'll have the choice to use the stock image, the selling time frame and their shipping recommendations all pre-populated. Or you can go in and edit the different fields to adjust any of the settings. Once you have all the settings perfect, you can ‘Review’ your auction and hit the list button to start selling! 

I found out I would be able to get up to $150 cash, which was awesome!

If you have an extra cell phone, selling it has never been easier. Sell an old cell phone now to get the best price using eBay’s Simple Flow. 


My blog post was written as part of my collaboration with eBay. 

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