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Frugal Home: Putting in Carpet Tile

I am all about saving money and this extends to  home improvement. I have painted most of the rooms in our house, but never really worked on flooring.
About 7 years ago, we put in wood floors in the living room and dining room, with help from my family. We have been so happy about getting rid of the carpeting, especially with 2 cats and a dog running around.
So when I noticed my son's carpet was getting really bad, the original carpet from 13 years ago, I decided it was time for an entire makeover for his room.
We had to work on this in stages and  last week was working on getting everything out of his room. It took a lot of containers,  trash bags  and organizing before we were ready to start ripping out the carpet.
I was armed with a utility knife and tape to roll up the carpet for trash day. I found ripping out the carpet, and pad underneath, challenging at first and then it got easier. The next step, as you can see in the photo above, was removing all the wood tacked  down with nails. This was really hard. It took some advice, a hammer/screwdriver and Cam working at it to finally remove it.
After a few days,  and a last minute trip to Menards for more carpet tile, here is the end result! We'll be updating his bed, nightstand and desk in the coming weeks.
I really love this nightstand I saw at Costco, they are having their big furniture sale right now.
And this desk is nice too, though Cam is thinking of getting an L-shaped desk. As the room comes together, I will be posting more photos!

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