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5 Tips to Finding the Right Car

Years ago, when I was in college, I paid cash for my first car. It was a red 1994 Plymouth Horizon and I was so excited to have my first car. It gave me freedom to go and do what I wanted.
My dad, who was good at fixing cars, made sure I picked out a reliable car. He didn't want me having a breakdown on the side of the road! That little car lasted me years after I graduated college.
Here is what to look for, when buying a reliable car:
  • Talk to friends. Back when I bought my car, the Internet wasn't as widely used for car shopping as it is now. So when it came to finding a reliable, affordable car, my dad would talk to his friends about which car they liked. We decided that as a college student, a more compact car made more sense.
  • Evaluate your needs. Will you be hauling stuff? Need a roomy 2nd row or extra leg room? Sunroof? Figure out what your must-haves are.
  • Download the Cars.com app. To make it even easier to find your next new car, Cars.com has an awesome app, download it here!
  • Talk to a mechanic. My dad loved fixing cars and was at the local auto shop on a regular basis. I remember one time he brought my car in for a full inspection and made sure everything was safe. Mechanics can answer your questions and help you find the right car.
  • Read online reports. You can find out how reliable a car is from Cars.com and online forums. On Cars.com you can also read specs and reviews on any car.

Cars.com is your starting place for finding the perfect car. Get started here!

And once you get your car, be sure to summerize it! Check over the:



This was sponsored by Cars.com.

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