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Solar Eclipse Aug.21- Where to See It and More

Have you heard about the full eclipse coming soon? You can check here to see if you are in the path, or how close you are. The lucky states are: OR, ID, MT, WY, NE, KS, IA, MO, IL, KY, TN, GA, NC, SC. Click on your state name here. Only limited parts of each state are included. Scroll down here for detailed tips for viewing in each state. 

The closer you are to the very center of the path, the longer the total darkness will last, up to about 2 minutes 40 seconds. If you are out of the path, you won't see anything without glasses.  If you plan to view the eclipse, it’s important that you have the right eye protection as looking directly at the eclipse can cause serious damage to your eyes! According to NASA, unsafe eclipse glasses are being sold in the United States so it is super important that you look for an “ISO” Icon with reference 12312-2 on the glasses. NASA recommends buying from one of the following five companies to ensure truly safe glasses: American Paper Optics, Baader Planetarium (AstroSolar Silver/Gold film only), Rainbow Symphony, Thousand Oaks Optical, and TSE 17. See NASA safety info here for more information.

For those in 100% darkness, it will be just like nighttime, with stars shining and crickets chirping.


Even if you are in the path of 100% darkness, you still need the glasses, leading up to the 2 minutes of totality.

 Click below to check them out!

I've also read some libraries are giving them out for free. It might be worth calling your local library to see if they are participating.

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