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Onist: The Easy Way to Organize Your Finances

Piles of paperwork and filing cabinets to corral all your financial docs are a thing of the past with Onist! I don't know about you, but wills, bank docs and more can be overwhelming to keep organized.
This is where Onist can help! It's an amazing new way to see a complete view of your full net worth including assets and liabilities. This is a much simpler way to get a snapshot of your family's financial life.
Another feature I really like about it, is I can keep a record of your family’s medical history, passwords, etc. in one place. As someone who always like to be prepared, this is a really important to have this in place. Between my husband, son and I, there is so much info to organize.
This is also good for my mom, who is in her 70's. I am starting an account for her as well, because she has many medical records to keep track of. If she becomes ill, I can easily look up her info on my computer or phone. Also, if you are working on estate planning, Onist makes it easy to upload documents such as your will, power of attorney and insurance policies. When there is an emergency, Onist makes it easy to share your financial information with the family members who need it most.

I know when my father passed away a few years ago, it was really time-consuming to go through stacks of papers to find his will and other important docs. How I wish we had something like Onist to help!
Try it out before May 30 and get 60 days FREE! How amazing is that?



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